Who Are We?

Northeast Florida Naturists          

P.O. Box 56901   

Jacksonville,  FL 32241-6901


Would you like to learn more about NFN, or are you interested in joining? 

If so, drop us a line at:

NFN has made some changes to its membership policy, all aimed at improving the club, making sure that the club and new members are good fits, and to ensure security at club functions.

Our New Membership procedure gives prospective members the opportunity to get to know our club better, and vice versa.  Too often folks wanting to join NFN think the club serves purposes that it does not; and too often the club has taken in members with different goals than the club wants.  Our new procedure helps everyone to avoid those situations, and the sometimes hard feelings that result.

Contact us at info@nfnaturist.org if you would like to start the process of learning about our club.  A Board member can help you to understand who we are, and how to become a member of NFN.


We are a member of one of seven regions of AANR -  AANR Florida Region.  This is the new name, changed from FANR (Florida Association of Nude Recreation).

“Meet and Greet" Sipping Social    

Meet & Greet is a clothing event at a local establishment open to the public by invitation only.  It is a time to learn more about our organization and for us to learn more about you.  Would you like to attend?  Drop us a line. 

Special Notice:  Our Meet and Greet social is the first Thursday of each month.  Call a Board Member, watch for Member's email blasts, or contact info@nfnaturist.org for the location.


  • NFN is a social family nudist club that was formed in 1988. 
  • The club was started by a few people and has now grown into an incorporated club with over 100 members from all walks of life.
  • We are a non-landed, travel club,
  • We meet at members' homes and visit landed clubs.
  • NFN is open to families and couples. We strive to maintain a membership balance of males and females.  All ages are welcome.  We have members aged from 5 to 75. 
  • As an NFN member you will have many opportunities to enjoy the company of new friends and nude recreation. If you are able to sponsor meetings and/or socials in your home, that is wonderful, but being unable to do so will not keep you out.
  • We prefer that potential members contact our Membership Committee via email at info@nfnaturist.org, so that we can begin the "orientation" process.  We'll invite you to our monthly Sipper in a "textiled" environment, an area restaurant.  We can meet you, and you can meet us.  If you and your partner are both nudists, and are interested in joining us, we'll invite you to one of our club functions, probably at an area nudist resort, or at a member's home.  If you're both not nudists, we'll take some time to help you to understand what the nudist lifestyle is about, and if you're still interested and feel comfortable with the lifestyle, we'll invite you to a function.
  • NFN indoor events are considered to be non-smoking but an outdoor "smoking gallery" is generally available as we do have members who smoke.
  • Remember, we were all "newbie nudies" at one time, so we do all we can to make you feel comfortable.  There are NEVER any cameras allowed at a club function.  Any indication that someone is taking pictures will result in that person's camera being confiscated and the pictures destroyed, and they will be asked to leave and not come back.  We do all we can to ensure our members' privacy.

Our meetings and socials are usually covered dish and bring your own beverage. 

Annual NFN Membership Dues:       Singles   $36.00   Couples $48.00 
AANR/AANR Florida Dues:  Singles  $38.00     Couples $68.50 

Total Annual Membership Dues for Single:     $74.00     (+$25* = $99.00)
Total Annual Membership Dues for Couples:  $116.50  (+$25= $141.50)

*Denotes a $25 new member non-refundable application fee. 

For more information on the nudist/naturist lifestyle:
Go to - American Association for Nude Recreation - Florida   (formerly FANR) Regional Association of the American Association for Nude Recreation , the National Association.