Northeast Florida Naturists

"NFN" is devoted to promoting the Nudist / Naturist lifestyle.

Nudism is a wonderful relaxing way of living based on freedom, body acceptance and respect for ourselves and for others.  We consider nudism to be a "life choice" rather than a lifestyle.

We express our belief in the unimpeded right
 to practice Social Family Nudism.

 We strive for an "au naturale" atmosphere
 so be yourself and have fun. 

Relax & Enjoy become a Friend of NFN... 

Be nude when you can;
Be clothed when it's in the best interest of nudism.

Note to Visitors to our Site
If you're looking for pictures of nudes, go elsewhere.

You won't find any nude pictures on our site. 
Our club rules forbid the use of cameras at any and all club functions. 


“Meet and Greet" Sipping Social    

Our Meet and Greet is the First Thursday of each month.  Contact a Board Member, watch for member's email blasts, or contact us at for info as to the location!

Meet & Greet is a clothed event at a local establishment open to prospective members by invitation only. 

This is a great time to learn more about our organization and for us to learn more about you.  Would you like to attend?  Drop us a line.

We'll let you know when and where it will be held.